What to Expect

Sunday Night Worship, 5:00pm



If you are seeking to start or to deepen your life in Christ,

you are at the right place.


When worshiping with us, you will experience a combination of ancient and modern forms of worship. Here’s what to expect:


The Entrance

Worship begins with a sung prayer we have prayed at the start of our services for over a decade, followed by a contemporary song of praise. A prayer-leader then leads worshippers through a series of opening addresses to God: some ancient, some Scriptural, and some created as an expression of our fellowship’s longings to God.

Thanksgiving and Praise

With our hearts now prepared, we give him praise. Praise begins with a sung call to worship from Psalm 134 and is followed by praying one or more Psalms. Then the prayer-leader invites worshippers to offer their own thanksgiving and praise to God. This culminates with the worship team leading a series of contemporary praise songs.


Having declared who God is, it is important we acknowledge who we are. We are not God, but sinners in need of his grace. So we confess our sins. This practice protects us from pride and from manipulating God for our pleasure. After a minute of silence in which we allow God to examine our hearts, we pray a general confession in unison.

The Candle

But we don’t end there. We are forgiven. The prayer-leader declares this truth from Scripture, and we stand, as one, forgiven and welcomed as God’s children. In imitation of Mary, who bore Christ to the world, a woman comes forth and lights a candle. This symbolizes our new life in God, the gift of his Holy Spirit upon us, and our call to be God’s light to the world.

The Sermon

Next, we take a minute to greet one another while the children are dismissed to their classes. Then the adults settle in to receive the teaching of Scripture. Sometimes the sermons are a series of themes, but usually they cover the Bible, chapter by chapter, book by book. The messages always aim to make the Bible alive and real in our lives.

The Prayers of the People

After the sermon, we intercede for the needs of our church, our families and friends, and the world. We believe the Church exists to stand between God and the world. After praying the Lord’s Prayer together, we open a time for worshippers to offer their own prayers and requests before God. On occasion, we pray over specific people in the room.

Holy Communion

Once having properly prayed for the world, we enter the climax of our worship: Holy Communion. We give thanks to our Father for his provision in our lives and for the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ. Worshipers then receive communion from the pastor and partake in their seats. The service closes with a prayer to be used by God, various announcements, and a sung blessing.




Children’s Ministry

Children begin with their parents in the sanctuary and then are dismissed to their classes right before the sermon. They return to their parents for Holy Communion.



Twin Peaks Christian Conference Center

26409 State Highway 189

San Bernardino, CA 92391


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